#829 Kings

Carved in Douglas fir, July 1991

Photos by Woodcarving Illustrated

"In my estimation this is one of the most unusual and interesting pieces I ever carved.  I began this piece in early 1986 but didn't get serious about it until early 1987.  It began life as a family Christmas tree, probably in 1984 or 1985.  I had fourteen of the faces finished before I was called to active duty with the Navy in operation Desert Storm.  I completed the last face and the fluting after I returned. The fifteen faces were to be Kings of Israel and Judah. The challenge was to find some logical selection of which fifteen.  It turns out that the deeds of exactly fifteen monarchs are recounted from the beginning of I Samuel to the end of I Kings. The topmost is the face of Saul and Ahaziah appears at the bottom.  The wood remains completely natural with a finish of clear, hand rubbed tung oil...." David N Stehly                                                               


            Kings                                Solomon, Jeroboam, and Rehoboam                             Saul and David

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