Turning Carving Collaborations

Black Rat Snake on a Bowl



"In early 2007 Jim Fazio of Allentown, PA, and I agreed to collaborate on a turning/carving.  Jim turned a thick walled cherry bowl and I proceeded to carve a black rat snake making one full turn around the outside.  To affect a "snake in the grass" appearance I followed the grain of the wood and carved shallow grooves."..  David N. Stehly




The finished piece included India ink and acrylic paint to color the snake and a transparent green to complete the grass color.




A Twisted Snake on an asymmetric oval turning.


"During the 2008 Tylersport show I was presented with the challenge to carve something on an asymmetric turning that had been created by Dave Hardy of Sellersville, PA.  I should have taken a photo of the original piece before carving.  Unfortunately I did not. Picture the piece at the left as a squashed football shape, flat on the bottom, with a thin dowel shaped protrusion pointing upward from the left end and a similar but heavier dowel shape protruding straight out on the right end.  I studied this piece for the better part of a year trying to envision some fitting design.  I knew I was expected to produce a snake carving and I wanted to incorporate the entire shape into the design.  I happened to stumble upon a pretzel shaped pendant while browsing a catalog and, Eureka, there it was.  The piece was given a natural finish." ,,                 David N. Stehly




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