Carving Instruction


Instruction in David Stehly's studio is available in all forms of carving in the round.  His expertise is in the area of walking sticks and wild life carvings.  To make arrangements or to inquire of further details contact the artist at


The Snake Stick Package - Carve & Paint a Realistic Snake on a Staff  with David N. Stehly in his studio.  You will learn how to sculpt a snake staff from a log or commercial basswood stock (your choice) and detail and paint it realistically.  A minimum of four two-hour sessions is required with the sessions being held approximately one month apart.  Homework will be assigned between sessions.  Cost of the course is $200.  If you need additional sessions beyond the scheduled four they will be $50 per session.


The Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience - This 5 day class will be conducted at the Northwoods Inn, Lake Placid, New York, September 23 to 27, 2013.  In this class the students will be carving the realistic corn snake that appeared in the Woodcarving Illustrated, Summer 2008, Issue 43 article that David authored.  You will carve it on a 48 piece of basswood stock that will allow it to be used as a staff or shortened to a cane of custom length of your choosing.  The instructional fee is $200 plus $50 to cover all materials including the blank, glass eyes, sand paper, all paints and finishing materials, etc.  The class is limited to 3 students. For further information see  Hotel accommodation packages are available through Northwoods Inn.

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